Easy Apple TV deployment and management to
enforce corporate rules and procedures
Zero-touch deployment
Mosyle allows you to enroll Apple TV devices through the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), further simplifying the setup and deployment of enrollment and use profiles.
Deploy applications
Easily manage enterprise applications by installing it or removing it from your tvOS devices totally over-the-air. You are able to choose which apps will be allowed or blocked to use during specific times.
Configure AirPlay Security
Designate which admins are able to set up security requirements for AirPlay – set a first-time passcode, or password. Configure if the devices will be connected to the same network or not.



Integrate Mosyle Business API now
By integrating our API to your existing systems, simplify and automate devices, users and user group operations for managing Apple devices in your organization using Mosyle Business.

Perform user assignments and many device management operations only using the Mosyle Business API integration.

Remotely define configuration profiles
Easily push configuration settings, such as Home Layout, enable Single App Mode for any installed app, customize the device to Conference Room Display Mode, set up the passcode and password requirements to use AirPlay streaming, and remotely configure the network authentication to connect devices to corporate networks while in an office, even if they are hidden, encrypted, or password protected.
Relevant Apple TV inventory information
Mosyle Business automatically collects inventory information, including Apple TV name, serial number, tvOS version, Apple TV model, and more. You can rename your devices using specific variables, export a spreadsheet with inventory information, export a report indicating which applications are installed, add tags to devices, and remotely restart or wipe them.

A new and better way to scale your Apple deployment

The most innovative, best-in-class MDM solution to make your life easier when deploying and managing iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac devices. Create your account and try Mosyle Business for free now.

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